Tell us about your self-portrait in "The Gaze" at Gallery 61 Revisited? 
This portrait celebrates my time living in Hong Kong with my partner who photographed me as I was packing on my last day of my escapist world. At the time I was tied up in a bundle of emotions that together resemble pensiveness pulled by exhaustion. I was lost in memories as I packed up objects as remnants and traces of the place I lived. 

The drawing was an act of examining this single moment through the lengthy and meditative process of representational drawing. It's a process that I really enjoy where the smears and smudges of charcoal and pastel dust are worked and layered into delicate details. It is quite a small work without grandeur or emphasis. Just one moment filled with many as I was approaching the point of return to the challenges and comforts of home. 

Is drawing a big part of your art practice? 

Yes, immensely! Drawing is my first love. For me it is the basis of making art starting from sketching out ideas. I love the way that making marks with charcoal, pastel, ink and any other tools at hand can build an expressive image. There are so many different ways approach drawing, it is its own world. Its expansive in ways where it can cross over with any other medium. Recently I have been playing around with cyanotypes and drawing, using light sensitive chemicals as a drawing or painting medium then exposing it in the sun and shadows to get different tones.

Did/Are you going to art school? 
I am in my last semester of my undergrad at the University of Newcastle doing honours in Fine Art. 

At this stage of your art making, do you want to become a full-time artist?
There are so many things that I would like to do at this stage! It's like I am approaching the crossroads. I would like to run art classes and continue with doing a postgraduate degree doing art therapy. Taking the steps and leaps to be a full-time artist is huge. If I can continue with my practice in this direction then I would do it for sure. 

Where else can we see your work? Do you have a website, Facebook, Instagram?
I'm on Facebook at
And Instagram @Grizzleyamz

Amy is exhibiting in Gallery Sixty One Revisited's group exhibition The Gaze until 18 August.

~ interview by Ahn Wells