bronwyn greive 

Tell us about your work the current exhibition at Timeless Textiles.
Titled: "Elucidation" which is to: make something clear, to throw light on, to explain.....
An inspiring story began the journey which brought these ideas and concepts into play with a toolbox of textiles techniques used to bring them into the light and making them clear.
One gallery is dedicated to elucidating the esoteric and the other the physical world.

"Gilt with Merit" and related works were inspired by a story told by Tim Costello the CEO of World Vision Australia in his book "Hope". In Nagaland, far North Eastern India, a person of wealth can choose to hold a festival- the Feast of Merit- where all are invited to share in the wealth, lasting until everything of value has been shared with all. After this sharing they are given a golden cloak, a symbol of the respect and gratitude of the community.

“Rainforest re-view" consists of a large three panel work referencing the fascinating history, lushness and danger for Australian Subtropical Rainforests. It is a textile sculptural piece, highlighting their origins, an illustration of the habitat and a statement about its current vulnerability, all composed as if the pages in a slightly open book. Surrounding this work are individual pieces of bird species, one series painted on to fabric then machine embroidered, plus a collection of soft sculptures. A workshop last year at Timeless Textiles with English artist Abigail Brown began the adventure of 3D fibre works representing nature. 

How long have you been exhibiting as a Fibre Artist? 
I began exhibiting as a Fibre Artist as a member of the Newcastle Creative Embroiderers and Textile Artists (NCEATA) 10 years ago with this being my second solo exhibition at Timeless Textiles. I also exhibit with a local group of amazing artists covering a number of different media, calling ourselves Athena. 

Did you go to art school? 
Recently I finished my Degree in Natural History Illustration at the University of Newcastle (one of only 3 similar degree programs in the world). This program is skills based covering pure illustration subjects as well as offering a range of art and science subjects. This year I completed Honours in Natural History Illustration exploring the use of fibres and textiles as a medium for representing nature.

Does drawing play a role in the concept stage of your work? 
A certain amount of drawing is involved as I get to know the various subjects- but the drawing ranges from free form gestural to planning drawings say working out proportions and spatial layouts.

Do you have a website or where can we see more of your work.

Some more of my textile work is on the NCEATA website ( and I am currently working on my own site which will show a range of my creative endeavors, including but exclusively textile works.

Bronwyn is currently exhibiting her solo exhibition Elucidation at Timeless Textiles.

~ interview by Ahn Wells