Tell us about your work?

My latest body of work 'The Female Disillusion' at Nanshe studio gallery challenges the way society conveys ideals of beauty.  I have painted many nude females, abstracting parts of the their body and identity, obscuring their perfection and unrealistic beauty.  

How often do you draw?

I frequently draw studies before I begin painting.  Although, I also draw with just charcoal for many works.   I love the tonal depth that can be achieved by using charcoal, it has a tendency to be darker than graphite. 

What's your favourite medium?

My favourite medium is oil paint.  It is endless, I am always learning about new ways to apply it to the canvas.  I recently attended a solvent free oil painting course run by Newcastle artist Peter Lankas and learnt many new methods that the great masters used.  The richness in colour in just unbeatable.  I find that acrylics and many other water based mediums dry too quickly, I can not work as freely with it on the canvas.

Where did you first exhibit in Newcastle?

My first exhibition 'The Female Disillusion' is currently on at Nanshe studio gallery in Beaumont St. The exhibition runs from the 6th to the 23rd of April. I have around 15 artworks on display and it has been my biggest achievement yet.  

Do you have another job outside of art making?

I generally spend half the week making art, the other half is spent on my computer as I am a freelance graphic designer.  I love being a graphic designer because it not only requires learnt technical skills but also a creative flare.  I am lucky to be able to be creative almost seven days a week.

~ interview by Ahn Wells April 2016

Christina Frogley is currently exhibiting at Nanshe studio gallery until 23 April. 

Her business Christina Frogley Creative supports Independent Galleries Newcastle by supplying all in-kind graphic design (except IGN logo design) which we gratefully appreciate. We also recommend her to anyone looking for a graphic designer who can also incorporate drawing and painting into the design process.