Gillian Adamson

Tell us about your work in Stellar Slam?
My works are illustrations of everything that I feel. Drawing, painting and illustrating is like a calming way of dealing with stress and anxiety for me, so I have a constant need to create, especially when I'm in a horrible mood. It's a release for me.

Did you produce this work especially for this exhibition?

Not particularly, as I've included some older works. However, I have been creating a lot more in the lead up to this exhibition.

Do you have art school training?

I have a background in graphic design, and have a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design.

Why did you enter the "Diversity" competition?

I love Amnesty, and especially loved that it was a positive exhibition about Newcastle and its culture. I was interested as soon as I heard about it.

Where else can we see you work?

~ interview by Ahn Wells
Gillian is exhibiting at Gallery Sixty One Revisited in Stellar Slam until 7 July.