grant vercoe

Tell us about your work in the current Art Systems Wickham exhibition? 

My painting style could be described as precisionist, I amprimarily a painter who draws inspiration from the built environment, executing precise works that incorporate line, colour, and layering of imagery.

“I am working in paint, articulating modern architectural forms. Using an aesthetic style and technique that is congruent with modern architecture. As part of a research trip I travelled to New York to capture and experience the setback skyscrapers of the early 20th Century like the Chrysler and Empire State Buildings. Recently I have applied similar techniques to local landmarks.”

How long have you been an exhibiting artist? 

Approximately 15 years.

Where did you go to art school? 

Hunter St TAFE and The University of Newcastle.

Is drawing an important element to your art making process? 

Yes, it is the foundation of my work.

What is your advice to emerging artists? 

Stick at it, as it can be disheartening sometimes. Just remember that you are doing something that you love and are passionate about, most people can’t say that.

~ interview Ahn Wells
Grant exhibited with Andy Devine at Art Systems Wickham from 12 - 21 August 2016.