‪Have you always specialised in printmaking and painting?  My major at University was in Fine Art History which gave me a wonderful perspective on the artist's role throughout history. It gave me insights to many different art forms and enabled me to really consider the technique whichwould suit me the most.  I discovered that not many artists have pursued the monotype technique and have explored its possibilities ever since.‬

Tell us how you make monotype prints?‬

Making a monotype can be messy.  I use a gelatine plate and roll a layer of gouache onto its surface.  I place stencils made of paper or natural objects like leaves onto the painted surface and print using Japanese hosho paper (a thin rice paper). I build up the surface using many layers of paint.  The final images are often textural and complicated.‬

‪What is it about this medium that you enjoy?  It is the spontaneity and painterly aspect of the process which I most enjoy.‬

‪Your work is always beautifully framed, do you consider the framing an important part to the final work? Yes, the framing must be simple and complement the artwork.   I always professionally frame my work using acid-free components which ensure its longevity. ‬

‪How long have you been exhibiting as a full-time artist? I have been exhibiting since 2010 as a full-time artist.  It is very difficult to even work part-time in a different job and still have a career as an artist.  ‬

~interview by Ahn Wells
Helene is currently exhibiting at Gallery 139 until Saturday 27 August. You can follow her on Instagram @heleneleaneartist, Like her on Facebook or visit www.heleneleane.com