joerg lehmann

photograph taken at Newcastle Art Space (NAS) during Joerg's solo exhibition earlier in 2016

photograph taken at Newcastle Art Space (NAS) during Joerg's solo exhibition earlier in 2016

How did you become involved in ART 4 TROG? 

I have been going to the TROG Annual Scientific meetings for many years. I’m a member of TROG and often spend time at their offices in Newcastle. Katie, the TROG Communications and Media Coordinator, knew about my photography and told me about her plans for ART 4 TROG. I suggested having it a NAS. When Katie asked me to participate I agreed, as I thought it was a good chance to contribute to a very worthwhile cause while having fun,

Tell us how you juggle your "day job", your exhibition/photography, workshops and family life?

I’d like to think that I’m efficient and that I don’t waste much time. But I’m also very lucky with a supportive family. However, I get up early, rarely watch TV and almost never take long lunch or tea breaks. I wouldn’t recommend this to others as the best approach, but it works for me. And adopting the easy-going local life style, I have become more relaxed and I do let some less important things drop.

You moved to Newcastle from elsewhere, why did you move here? And did you find the local art community easily? 

When I visited Newcastle in early 2012 I immediately liked it. I’ve always wanted to live in a city like this near the ocean. So, when an opportunity came up to move here, I took it. The warm and welcoming local art community was a very pleasant surprise to me. I think I was lucky finding it rather easily. It’s been great living, creating and enjoying art in and around Newcastle.

Do you consider yourself an 'artist' or 'photographer'? Is there a difference?
There is definitely a difference, although most good photography contains artistic elements. I’ve been a professional photographer for many years. In addition to work for clients, I’ve always done personal projects, which a kind-spirited person could call “art”. Since arriving in Newcastle, and at least partially thanks to the supportive environment at the arts centre and NAS, I have printed more of that work and created additional work which has now been shown in a number of group exhibitions and in two solo shows.

~ interview by Ahn Wells May 2016

Joerg is exhibiting at Newcastle Art Space in ART4TROG from 5 - 22 May 2016.
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