KELLY Walker

Tell us about the work you are exhibiting in HERE BE MONSTERS?

I'm exhibiting three works, first an illustrated typographic series of pencil drawings, titled "Here Be Monsters", second and third a graphite pencil drawing series titled "Scenes from Beast Street" - "Summer Stroll" and "Coat and Tails" respectively.

Have you exhibited in other Newcastle galleries?
I exhibited with Look See at Watt Space Gallery, and with Curio at the Newcastle Museum in 2013, however those were design exhibitions. I mostly work in graphic design and illustration, rather than art making.

Do you approach your graphic design work in a similar way to your art work?
There are definitely some similarities; I tend to follow a structured approach in both, researching and experimenting for the projects in advance, sketching out rough concepts before beginning and making multiple attempts before the final work. Both are visual, and rely on composition, contrast, balance and hierarchy. And I have a tendency to use a lot of traditional art media in both my graphic design and art making. I have a strong background in drawing and painting, so it's just comfortable.

Does drawing play an important role in your art making?

Drawing is a primary medium for me, it plays an integral role in the process, both in the initial planning and the actual art. To me, being able to draw is an essential skill, it's the bread and butter for a lot of professions. It's a really easy way to solve a lot of visual-spatial problems, without it there's a number of things you can't fix. It's also really accessible as a medium, I'll find myself drawing in my sketchbook just about everyday.

Do you have a website or artist Facebook/Instagram where we can see more of your work?

I have a website for my graphic design and illustration work: