libby cusick

You have been painting for a long time, tell us when you started?
I started painting from a very early age entering primary school competitions. Then in high school, art was my favourite subject and I was selected for Art Express for HSC students. After that it was art school.

Do you have a favourite genre of painting?
I love to paint landscapes, with or without figures, but also enjoy painting still life and favourite painters are Nolan, Streeton, Olley and Degas.

Tell us about the works you have in Landscape Mediations?
I have a couple of completely different works in the show. One larger work of a quiet bay in the Hawkesbury area, surrounded by mountains. It is a very special place. The painting is built up from layers of colour, echoing the ancient land's construction and the contrast with the water. The other painting is from the Hunter Valley, of a riverside flat of the Paterson river. The light was the key element of this work, showing near, middle and far distance equally, all painted alla Prima. The painting is a plein air work, done in the grounds of the Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery. 

Do you spend time drawing before you paint?
I don't spend too much time prep drawing ,preferring to draw with the paint on the actual canvas to get the competition. I spend more time drawing for portraiture.

Where else do you exhibit?

Presently I am in Nanshe studio gallery's Landscape Meditation, but I also exhibit with Gallery 139, and with Cstudios Art Gallery in Newcastle.

~ Interview by Ahn Wells

Libby is exhibiting in the group exhibition Landscape Mediations at Nanshe studio gallery until 25 June.