Small is an annual exhibition for Back to Back Galleries, is that correct?
How did you come to be the curator for this one and tell me how you decided on the title Small: The Newcastle Way?

Small is a recurring annual exhibition held at Back to Back Galleries. One of the responsibilities of the Gallery Officers (myself and Sharon Taylor) is to theme and curate Small. This years theme ‘The Newcastle Way’ was inspired by a suggestion for Art Deco. We looked around at our urban environment and started to see the deco, the industrial, the natural, the monuments, the list is endless! Newcastle is defined by its eclectic collection of styles and environments and we sought to celebrate this!

Are you exhibiting in Small: The Newcastle Way as well? 
I have several pieces in the exhibition myself. Suburbs was inspired by Newcastle’s diverse suburbs and their distinct characteristics, each differing vastly from the next. 

Did you go to art school/are you studying?
Currently, I am in the last year of my Bachelor of Fine Art (at The University of Newcastle), majoring in ceramics. 

How did you become involved with Back to Back Galleries? 

I have always loved Back to Back Galleries! The space is so beautiful with its natural light and high ceilings. I began by participating in open shows there, such as the Laman St Art Prize and various Small exhibitions and eventually became a member of Newcastle Studio Potters, the driving force behind the gallery. It was through my membership there that I found out about the upcoming vacancy of the Gallery Officer position and put my hand up to help fill it!

Would you encourage other emerging artists to out their hands up to volunteer?

YES! By volunteering you meet so many amazing people and learn so many skills!  Its gives you a real sense of what working in that industry is like and although at times it is hard work it is very rewarding. 

~ interview by Ahn Wells

Small:The Newcastle Way is on at Back to Back Galleries in Bull St, Cooks Hill until Sunday 24 July.