SUE STewart

You have been specialising in ceramics for over 30 years, what is it about
ceramics that keeps you making?

I have been able to stay fascinated with ceramics over a long period because

of the complexity and diversity of the medium. The material can be used to

produce beautiful utilitarian pieces and vessels on the wheel or hand-built

sculptures that can be figurative or abstract. Experimenting with surface

decoration is endless

Have you always wanted to be an artist?

Art was almost non-existent in my education. As a small child I liked to

draw and cut up paper and cardboard to make things. It was not until after I

was married with 3 children that I saw a potter on television and thought

that I would really like to try that, little knowing that it would be my

future path for decades

What is your advice to artists interested in specialising in ceramics?

That is a hard one to answer now with the closure of many ceramic classes in

regional TAFE's and cutbacks at Universities. I would have advised - TAFE

for skills and technical knowledge and University for further research and

development. We are in a period of change that seems to have a renewed

interest in the craft with numerous people seeking private lessons, but

unfortunately the deep learning is not being passed on. So maybe classes +

researching on the web and trying to find a mentor

Tell us about your work in "FROM THE GARDEN" exhibition?

For this exhibition I was playing with various vase forms that hold not only flowers but bits and pieces that can be found in the garden. I was also testing a range of glazes. Arranging the flowers and bits from the garden opened up a whole new area of creativity

Where else can we see your work?

I have a website under construction

~ interview by Ahn Wells May 2016

Sue is exhibiting in FROM THE GARDEN a group exhibition at Back to Back Galleries from 6 - 22 May 2016, Sue will be gallery sitting during the exhibition, so you might even get the chance to talk to her in person during your visit.